Breakfast Menu


Arches B&B – Breakfast Menu


Please help yourself from a selection of the following on our
buffet table:


Freshly squeezed fruit juices

A basket of seasonally
home grown fruits

A collection of
breakfast cereals including muesli and bran, rice and corn based cereals

A variety of natural and
fruit yoghurts

Freshly made porridge
with a choice of toppings


The following hot dishes
are made to order or as a combination:

The Drumyouth Daily Delight:
Bacon, Sausages, Black and White pudding, fried egg, baked beans and waffles

Arches Array:
Freshly made pancakes with an assortment of accompaniments
(maple syrup, honey, lemon, sugar, chocolate)

Cavan’s Choice:
Scrambled eggs on toast garnished with fresh herbs

Pearl’s Poached:
poached eggs served with a choice of toasts

Wilson’s Waffles:
Lightly grilled waffles with crispy bacon



Served on every table: a selection of homemade preserves, freshly baked scones and wholemeal brown bread. Tea and coffee freshly brewed

All produce is locally sourced